Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Silence of Stones- Jeri Westerson ~ Medieval Noir #8 - Preorder this one now!

"London, 1388. When the mythical Stone of Destiny is stolen from the throne of England in Westminster Abbey, Crispin Guest, the Tracker, witnesses the dramatic disappearance for himself"

My first Crispin Guest and here it is book #8. Everyone else already knows Crispin and Jack,but in I jump with plenty of help from the author's fine afterword. 

Crispin had a lot to deal with, people were crawling out of the woodwork,literally wanting to help him (for a price of course) or for him to help them. He had an astonishing amount of acquaintances and friends!

Guess who one of them was? Katherine Swynford..what a treat! She is a favorite of mine and conducted herself with her usual elegance (if a bit sneaky to King Richard)

Speaking of King Richard, Crispin's apprentice Jack ends up having a bit more than a nodding acquaintanceship with his queen. She calls him..well you need to read about it yourself.. 

You can start with  Book #1 and preorder this one now. Enjoy!

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