Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Shocking Assasination - Cora Harrison - Get your hard copy now!

Cora Harrison's Irish novels are always very fine reads for me. I loved the setting in this one- the English Market is quite close to where members of my family lived from 1890 until after 1921, on Little Cross Street, as well as spending some time on Barrack Street prior to that. I felt like I knew all about it and was a a part of it.

This one was a nail biter of a mystery with very great historical content. According to the author, told to her in some fashion by her parents who lived through the tumultuous time. It is actually shocking for those of us who have ancestral times to many of these times and periods.

Eileen and the Inspector, who were the Reverend Mother's prize pupils a few years prior to this as well as Dr. Scher are favorite characters and have a great outing in this book. Reverend Mother Aquinas and her cousin Lucy entrance me so- very much like my own relationship with my own first cousin, Patty, ( although we were hardly nuns). What a shocker when their second cousin, Capt Newenham attempts to kill the Sister!!

A bigger shocker was who actually committed the murder in the English Market. I was shocked, although a bit mystified that the police would consider the written confession of a deceased man. Well of course Inspector Patrick Cashman was on hand for that part.

It was both intriguing and delightful and the hardcopy is out now.. Get yours! 

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