Saturday, August 13, 2016

Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen - The Story of Elizabeth of York - Samantha Wilcoxson ~ Fine read!

A very readable and credible book  which I enjoyed. The ending was unique but not out of reach for believability; it was a novel after all so it worked. 

The Margaret Pole book, Faithful Traitor, is my favorite so far but I am seriously excited about the next one that is being worked on. I would appreciate more on the Poles and some other lesser know Plantagenets like perhaps Arthur, Lord Lisle. There are others of course.

I am always heartened when I read treatments of historical characters which are mostly positive. I was quite sad at the description of Edward of Warwick's execution. It was a time when many people were powerless and some made some attempts to take some control of their lives; Edward was sadly not one of those.

Elizabeth of York was a woman who chose to see the glass as half-full, as best she could. She had a natural resilience that made a difference in her life, which may have been a Plantagenet trait. That thread can be seen over the generations and in some of her siblings. I believe her daughters had that characteristic to some extent.

It was a well done treatment of a life that was not illustrated well by history. I recommend the author and her series.

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