Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Lanimer Bride- Gill Cunningham series- Pat McIntosh ~ Love this series~

 Very great read as usual, love this period in Medieval Scotland. The Tower Houses were a very intriguing part of this Gil Cunningham mystery, as were the jaunts or "trods" through the Lanark countryside. I did not realize that Gil Cuningham grew up in what was an "old style" fortified tower house,after all as everyone said " this isna the Marches".

In the Lanimer Bride outing, Audrey Madur, heavily pregnant, disappears and her husband is traumatized. Fingers begin pointing in every direction but not to the Royal Court, at least not at first. It is very amazing to read about how much of Scotland at this time was not unified or even transparent. Spies, which included Gil's cousin Sandy Boyd and a Black Irishman were everywhere. The English Crown wanted to rid themselves of a pretender but that was not the case over the borders.

I myself enjoy reading the Scots phrases and language, in Ersche and Scots and in this outing, even the tinkers "cant". I adore this series. 

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