Sunday, September 4, 2016

Jane the Quene- Janet Wertman- Book One Seymour Saga ~Fine Read ~

4.5+ stars and a fine and enjoyable book. Moving between Jane and Thomas Cromwell was a bit distracting  for me, as well as a tiny bit of a struggle making Jane vivid as a character. Her sharing a love of herbs with Henry was a tiny bit of a stretch, but the author made it work.

Jane the Quene was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be since I am, and always have been a Boleyn fan. Janet Wertman came very close, indeed, to making Jane likable if not lovable. It probably was difficult, as the Seymours are not that enjoyable all by themselves. (Well let me digress there, and say that Elizabeth Seymour was very interesting to me in her marriage to Gregory Cromwell.)

Jane became much more vital as a character, of course after her marriage and her death was definitely poignant. Henry is always Henry, but I am looking forward to some more glimpses into Elizabeth's marriage to Gregory Cromwell, as well as the other Seymours who will be spotlighted in the rest of the series.

Very entertaining and recommended. 

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