Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Tudor Brandons, Mary and Charles, by Sarah-Beth Watkins ~ Terrific Read ~

 5 Stars
A very fine exploration of the history and lives of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor his wife. Mary Tudor has lately begun to be explored along with Margaret her sister Queen of Scotland. I definitely feel this author's work was just as complete and well done as those that have recently bit the best seller lists. I am very much hoping that this treatment by Sarah-Beth Watkins does just as well.

There definitely were many events in the lives of Mary and Charles and their extended family that I never knew and was excited to learn. The recent ancestry of the Brandon line, as well as other children of Charles, both legitimate and illegitimate made riveting reading.

I enjoyed her prior book on Katherine Knollys but this second historical narrative definitely surpassed it, at least in my estimation. There was a lot of detail about illnesses, prior marriages and properties acquired and lost which goes a long way to tell a story about a family. 

It was an easy read, but very well developed and the author brought Charles and Mary to life. I recommend it highly and really hoping there is another in the works.

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