Saturday, October 22, 2016

Flood - Ann Swinfen - On to the sequel!

Terrific book and loved it so much I immediately started Book #2 "Betrayal". It does have some sad events but they are tempered by positive ones as well. The characters have grit,resilience and greatly support each other in a distressing time period of the English Civil Wars.

Mercy and generations of her family have lived in this same place of the Fenlands. Long accustomed to a life where interdependence on others was the norm, they were thrust into a time of upheaval and unrest. Cromwell is now in charge, the King is imprisoned and nothing is as it always was.

The Fenlands required group effort and the village had long used common lands and areas for their existence. Unscrupulous of shoots of Cromwell's government had run amok and sold or leased lands to Dutch investors who proceeded to demolish the natural draining and dyke lands in a dangerous manner. 

As the winter rains threatened new settlers and the long time occupants were thrown together for survival against a threatening flood. Common effort is required for survival as the book ends with everyone sequestered in the village church.

I am now off to the sequel to see what comes next. Very close to 5 Stars! 

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