Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Novice's Tale - Ann Swinfen - 5 Stars ~ Hoping for more!

A very marvelous book that took up where the first left off.. with greater character depth and intricate plot line. Subsequent books in a series sometimes are that it the reader or the writer or both? The first book was very good but this one surely surpassed it. 

I found myself gasping at certain events just like it was happening before my eyes. Nicholas rescuing Emma from her stepfather's attack dogs was one such moment! Of course I did not want it to end and I am anxious for a sequel.

The history is unique and the period details are just superb. The candle-makers and the deputy sheriff were brought into the storyline very skillfully and all added strength to the plot.I have read and enjoyed 'This Rough Ocean' so now will try others by Ann Swinfen

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