Friday, November 11, 2016

Almodis, The Peaceweaver - Tracey Warr - Vivid characters and history!

A definitely enjoyable book that seemed to be historically accurate, I do quickly check history to better understand characters. It is definitely an era that I find fascinating as was "Conquest" which was my favorite of the two books. I am reading "the Viking Heritage" now and of course the characters are connected.

I did not know nearly enough about this part of France and it is interesting. My maternal line was named Faunt (L'Enfant ) and were Anglo Normans in Ireland from the 12th century. My Grandfather's Y DNA line goes back to Sardinia. We know when they went to England and into Ireland but not when they moved into Normandy. They were in the employ of the Norman Kings from 1250 until the 1500s. So of course I am entranced!!

Almodis did not take to being a Peaceweaver really well, or rather she did but she had some huge bumps in that road. I adore the fact that her children were cohesive with each other even though they all did not share the same father. 

She had two loves and one very messy marriage if all of this is accurate. The author says some thoughts and actions of her characters were fictional but the basic facts are there. She was very resilient, partly from being a child hostage in her grandmother's court and partly, presumably, from some terrible events that she both witnessed and experienced.

All three of these books are superbly done with vivid female heroines. So excited that "Conquest" has a sequel coming. 

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