Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Mists of Glen Strae - Highland Ballad Series Vol.2 - Kristin Gleeson- Out now!

Happily there will be another novel in the Highland Ballad Series in 2017. It was so very enjoyable, although it is about a very complicated time in Scotland's history,and the sequel may pull the pieces together for me.

Kristin Gleeson's fine Historical Note indicates that Queen Mary was only 14 at this time. I always need a refresher about her years in France and why the Scots were not united behind her when she returns. 

This period, when Mary Queen of Scots was 14, was very tumultuous and complex in both countries with England of course trying to intervene. The borders between Scotland and England, called "debatable lands" were always in upheaval, although I think that this was not where we find this part of the series situated. 

Religion seems to be becoming a divider and would continue to be between the clans as the years passed. My husband's parents were born and raised in Scotland, and came to the US and married, were Church of Scotland and Catholic and lowland vs. highland Scots. They never discussed either religion and his father was from Huntly the Gordon estate.

Consequently, the relationship between Ian, and Abby the heroine,was frowned upon. Abigail, a Gordon, although raised in France would not be expected to have dealings with certain clans and their followers. I suspect that the next book will have some mention of Huntly Aberdeenshire and I am greatly looking forward to it.

I was not a great fan of Diana Gabaldon but am very much a fan of Kristin Gleeson and her works.

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