Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sister of the Lionheart - Novel from time of Crusades- Hilary Benford ~ Engrossing read!

I really enjoyed this book about Joanna who is my number two favorite Plantagenet, Eleanor being  number one. It was not a quick read, reason being that it had such historical depth , but it was very engrossing. There is not a great deal written about Joanna and her relationship with her parents, so this one was very much appreciated by me.

Hilary Benford wrote a fine novel, and I am excited that there will be a sequel. Very much appreciated was the excellent author's note, medieval glossary and genealogy of the royal families who were involved, as well as a great  map of 12th century France. I enjoy this period as my Norman Irish maternal line worked for the Norman kings beginning with John and his son Henry.

I feel pretty sure that the novel was very close to how things transpired. Joanna was very a sympathetic character  and held my attention to the end. Recommended to all who like medieval historical novels and this family and era.

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