Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Death in Catte Street ~ Tim Shaw and Geoffrey Chaucer

An impressive first novel about a favorite character! Tim Shaw is a medievalist, a fine writer and an impeccable researcher. See his Blog   http://dailymedieval.blogspot.com/ which I am having a very good time following.I am thrilled that it has a sequel in the works, I cannot wait.

A young Geoffrey Chaucer awaits you in "A Death in Catte Street", new to his career as a courtier. He is retrospectively looking back at this event in his life and is critical of his youth and impulsiveness.

A young Geoffrey can be seen as well as the man he will become in his interaction with parents, authority figures, peers and casual acquaintances. He is impulsive and empathetic and a typical young man, albeit of a different age.

The mystery that unfolds as he is pushed into a murder investigation is intriguing.Geoffrey ends up a hero of sorts and a champion of those less fortunate.

Geoffrey's character as well as those who are in his sphere is very well developed. Crafted by a medieval scholar and historian it is a tale worth snatching up and reading.

I am very glad I did so.

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