Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Mississauga - A Culture

Drawn to this book by an interest in the Ojibwe culture from my graduate anthropology degree, I was not to be disappointed. Donald Smith's 40 plus years of study has brought considerable insight to this population so these stories, and these persons will not be forgotten.
Although there was less about the addiction that has plagued this population and more about their religion or lack of it than I would have anticipated, nevertheless I was able to find reasons for both reliance on alcoholism and religiosity from their history. The Ojibwe were essentially robbed of many things and the roots of their culture was the most traumatic to them as a people.I was struck by how hard they worked to transfer their agricultural knowledge into what they were told were more acceptable European skills.
This well researched and splendidly written collection of portraits should be an asset to educational and cultural understanding of this populations and these families and people. I appreciated the opportunity to review Mississauga Portraits.

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