Monday, May 20, 2013

The Constable of Leeds ~ Superb mystery

So very glad that I was able to review this book, it was a wonderful read. I have already downloaded another in the series and know how many are left.

Chris Nickson said on a blog that Leeds is in his DNA and I know exactly what he means by that. His whole persona was developed from those who came before him in that city and locale. Richard Nottingham's character is a tribute to the author's innate knowledge of 18th century Leeds and its citizens.

The children of Leeds, from that time period, grip the heart of Nottingham, the Constable of Leeds. He was one of them and the events make time stand still for him. That child lives within him and his cohorts.

He and they turn the city inside out to try to find "Gabriel", the man who promises anything to young orphans who barely eke out an existence. They are thwarted at every turn by the powers that be in the city who worship tradespeople or anyone with money and power. Their families are targeted and victimized.

The Constable's honor and principle keeps him on the high road. His co-workers are not bound by those same principles ..not this time!

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