Friday, May 17, 2013

Fine Narrative of History ~ Bunker Hill

Nathaniel Philbrick's narrative took me into  Boston of 1775, surprisingly a small town where everyone knew everyone else by sight at least. I was entranced with that concept and enjoyed it immensely.
I saw a young John Quincy Adams and his mother nervously watching events from the window from a hill that no longer exists. John Adams was in Philadelphia with the other movers and shakers of our country's beginning.
I was there at the Boston Tea Party through the Battle of Bunker Hill and saw specific men dressed as Indians dump the tea in Boston Harbor. I watched it lay in messy drifts on the tidal flats and saw young boys trying to do damage control with what was left by scattering it with their feet..
Joseph Warren was everyone's physician, and friend to many likeSamuel Adams, whose protégé he was. Who knew that Warren dispatched Paul Revere to warn the countryside?
A fine inside look at Boston, small town and microcosm of the larger war for independence.

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