Friday, June 7, 2013

Shadows and Strongholds and Lords of the White Castle ~ The Fitzwarins


I am delighted to be able to review Shadows and Strongholds for the digital version. Elizabeth Chadwick is a superb writer and researcher whose skills are more developed over time. Her research is on various levels and are intriguing and satisfying.

The FitzWarins are a family well worth exploring as they epitomize their place and time in post Conquest England.Fulke Fitzwarin, called Brunin with his Norman appellation, was said to be a dark throwback to his grandfather a mercenary from Lorraine. So many of their society had similar roots and they attempted like all families to rise above any dubious origins. Blood, however, runs true, as the saying went at that time.

Shadows and Strongholds is the superb sequel to the Lords of the White Castle, also now out in digital. Together they make the finest read imaginable. Make the acquaintance of Fulke le Brun and his associates and your life will be enhanced immeasurably.

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