Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Handfasted Wife ~ A Gem

So very glad that I saw this book in someone's "want to read" status! This is an era and a family that I can't get enough of reading and the author surely did them justice.

I am thrilled that this is the first of a planned trilogy and that I can revisit Elditha's family and hopefully it will be soon. Carol McGrath has done impeccable research and is so very knowledgeable on these troubled times. The use of The Anglo Saxon Chronicle, Domesday and Orderic Vitalis through out the book in chapter headings was very inventive and informative.

McGrath's author's note was very clear and detailed on what is known of that time, what was probable and what was her thoughts could have been possible. I highly recommend this novel and Carol McGrath's Blogs as well.

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