Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Christmas Wassail - Such history and mystery!

Kate Sedley's new book provided me with a wonderful visit with old friend Roger the Chapman and his family and friends. Bristol Christmas traditions of the era were very new to me and I was absolutely entranced with hearing about them in The Christmas Wassail. The Saxon era customs and beliefs were still very important to the city's inhabitants.

The series astonishes with how each book is more exciting than the one before, something I would not think possible. I found myself gasping aloud at Roger's escapades and entanglements. He needs to take care!

Sad as I am for the tale to end I always look forward to the next episode in Roger's retrospective of his life and times. A must read for Richard III fan as well as,historical mystery and medieval history lovers.

 I very much appreciated being allowed to review this fine book and gave it five stars!

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