Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Kiss of the Concubine by Judith Arnopp ~ I cannot recommend it enough !

 A riveting and revealing interpretation of what is known about Anne Boleyn's downfall, by a masterful writer. Judith Arnopp always puts her all into her research and her characters and Anne Boleyn's story was no exception. I was delighted with her early years and the glimpses of her family life and horrified at her last days.

This week-end I was able to view an original oil painting from 1593 of Elizabeth I and it brought the Boleyns to life even more for me. How Elizabeth looked in the portrait and what the presenter had to say about HER life was impressive. I have always been so drawn to the Boleyns and this tragedy.

Arnopp's novels are always wholeheartedly endorsed and this one excels even more than the others.I really cannot recommend it enough to all Tudor, historical novel and history fans. Download it this minute and immerse yourself.


  1. What a lovely recommendation Kathleen, I am eternally grateful. Thank you. You have made my day :)

  2. You are welcome.. seeing this portrait in person brought it home even more so..I took this snap Saturday..