Friday, March 27, 2015

A Man's Word ( The Kings's Hounds #3) - Martin Jensen ~ A new favorite series

 "The crime-solving duo known as the King’s Hounds—Halfdan and his master, Winston—are investigating a possible plot against King Cnut by onetime enemy-turned-ally Jarl Thorkell. Joined on the arduous journey by Winston’s woman, Alfilda, and Atheling, his cranky mule, they venture to the markets in Thetford to gather information."

Really enjoyable book which I sincerely hope is going to continue as a series. I compare it to the Crowner John series which also is a favorite and like both of them a great deal. Especially interesting is the early time period of King Cnut, one of my very favorites.

Recommended for historical mystery fans as well as medieval of this particular time period.4.5 stars.The pace is a tad slow, but it does truly get there!

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