Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Price of Blood- A Novel by Patricia Bracewell~ Love Emma of Normandy!

 How I love reading about Emma of Normandy and what a superb book this was! How can I wait until the next in the trilogy  and could I hope that there are 4 instead of 3?

I must admit that Shadow on the Crown unsettled me as "my Emma" was not in love with Athelstan,.however I was not there and they are novels.  The author stated in her afterward " The passion taht I have imagined between Athelstan and Emma, I admit, is pure fiction".

This one, though, was just so very satisfying. When Emma said" Do not kill my son" in Danish, I was enthralled.That event, of course, in this version would complicate Emma's life.She was so very brave and that bravery I am sure is not fiction.

Was she a wonderful wife and mother? Probably she was not. Did she make a lot of mistakes? I am sure she did. Was she self serving? Most likely, although that may have been a great survival mechanism. A very fine work and highly recommended.

                                                          Emma and her sons                        

                Her Epigraph ~ Emma, a gem more splendid through the splendors of her merits

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