Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Reed In The Wind- Joanna Plantagenet,Queen of Sicily- Rachel Byrd - A truly fine read..

"A Reed in the Wind " follows the eventful life of Joanna, daughter of Henry II of England and his queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine.  This book is the third in Rachel Bard's trilogy about Plantagenet queens. The heroine of the first, "Queen Without a Country," was Berengaria, wed to Richard the Lionheart. The second, "Isabella: Queen Without a Conscience," examines the beauteous, controversial Isabella of Angouleme, queen of King John, Joanna's younger brother"

Joanna of Sicily and England had a complicated life with high and low periods interspersed through it. I knew about her life as well as others in her family, my favorite one of all time. I believe that she made a difference to her time and place and was not merely "a reed in the wind".
A poignant ending to her life at a relatively young age, nonetheless left me with a feeling that she had accomplished a lot of what she had hoped to. Recommended for the fine historical  research as well as a gentle but compelling narrative.

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