Thursday, March 10, 2016

Saint Peter's Fair - Chronicles of Brother Cadfael - Ellis Peters ~ Always simply wonderful

5 Stars-  Another great read as I hopscotch around the Brother Cadfael books. I must confess that I may have read this one years ago, along with a few others but rereading is always a joy also!

What I possibly like the best is that the series is superimposed on a pivotal era in English history, and one that I love to read. The Civil Wars between the Empress Matilda and her cousin Stephen of Blois eventually gave birth to the Plantagenet Kings my very favorite group. 

In this tale a murderer does his crimes while supposedly helping this war effort. We know that a lot of evil flourished at this point , when "God and His Saints Slept. Cadfael and his great friend Hugh Beringer, at this time deputy Sheriff of Shrewsbury, finally assisted by Philip a merchant's son, solve a complicated series of murders.
Recommended highly 

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