Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In Praise of the Bees - Kristen Gleeson - 5 star glimpse into early Medieval Ireland ~ Glorious !

A wonderful glorious and unique story about 6th century Ireland, one that I am so glad I did not miss. Another reviewer said this:"I found the first strokes of paint on the .. mostly blank, canvas that is our image and perception of our Irish or Gaelic past" and I so agree.. Few books today describe this hidden era, and fewer still with such accuracy.

I followed Áine/Cuime from the ditch where she was found beaten and left for dead to the convent where the sisters who saved her lived. They worked very hard to save her life and she felt comfort there although she had no memory of the almost lethal attack she had suffered.

Colman, a legal worker and her late brother's foster-brother Óengus feature prominently in this fine tale with it's surprising twists and turns.

I thank Kristin Gleeson for shedding light into the dark ages for me- and in a place where my ancestors really lived. Recommended for all readers especially lovers of very early Medieval times which shed light on our humanity

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