Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Beaufort Bride - Book one Beaufort Chronicles - Judith Arnopp - Available now!

"As King Henry VI slips into insanity and the realm of England teeters on the brink of civil war, a child is married to the mad king’s brother. Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, takes his child bride into Wales where she discovers a land of strife and strangers."

What an incredibly interesting book about the early life of Margaret Beaufort, a novel of course, as not much is known about her early years. I had to tear myself away from it to do anything else besides read. Now I must wait for the next book in the chronicles to continue with this tale.

To date I had not thought Margaret was very likeable, having had sympathies with her daughter in law Elizabeth, but this representation changed how I perceived her. She did not have much of a childhood, and her twice widowed mother seems to have used her for personal gain.

Apparently she loved her St. John siblings, especially her sisters.. wondering when they got together over the years?? I think she did see her younger brother John Welles when her son was king. Hoping to discover that in the next volume which definitely indicates a huge interest in this complicated family group.
As I read I was struck anew by how very hard life could be for girls and women with nothing to look forward to except an arranged marriage and children. I do hope that the day to day activities of the rest of her life made up for this difficult beginning. She did have her beloved Henry to love although probably mostly from afar.

Definitely recommend this supposed glimpse of Margaret Beaufort's younger years to all who relish these times and this family. Just out so get your copy at once! Extraordinary! 5 Stars.

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