Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Hostage of Glenorchy- The Highland Ballad Series - Kristin Gleeson ~ Preorder this great tale now!

 "With spice, wit and action "..yes all of those.. In 1551 when Mary, Queen of the Scots, was fourteen their was a poison plot against her. One Robert Stuart was executed in France but perhaps was innocent. 
Kristin Gleeson has said that she tries to inject a sense of time and place into her stories, and further that time and place are just the setting for her novels, and not the reverse. I really can see that happening here in this great tale of Scotland.

The heroine is Gabrielle "Abby" Gordon, daughter of a musician who is in France as a court musician and a French mother who is absent from her life. The Gordons are familiar to me as my husband's Ingram family lived for 500 years in Huntly Aberdeenshire, townland of the Earl of Huntly, a Gordon. They became a bit more familiar as players in this dangerous political intrigue I just read about.

As the story ends I am wondering if Abby goes on to Glenstrae and meet up with Iain MacGregor or travel back to France to her father. So excited there is a sequel. Order your copy of this book now. 

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