Friday, April 15, 2016

The Virgin in the Ice - ( Cadfael # 6) - Ellis Peters ~ The best one!

 This was surely the best Brother Cadfael for several reasons, the most important is that after skipping around in the series I did not know how his son was revealed to him. If you do not know what that means, you need to start reading this series!

The winter of 1139 was a bad one for the area when Worchester was sacked during the Civil War between Matilda and Stephen. Adding to that was a very severe beginning to the winter with daily snows and bitter frosts which sent Worchester's inhabitants fleeing north to Shrewsbury. Missing at that time were orphan siblings from a noble family and their companion.

Adding to all these misfortunes were outlaws who abounded and preyed upon innocent people including those Hugh the Sheriff and Cadfael were seeking. A truly complicated and amazing mystery. I loved it! the only bad part is there are now only 4 books left in the series for me..

I shall have to start rereading them. 

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