Friday, April 1, 2016

The Night Wanderer - An Aelf Fen Mystery by Alys Clare

Alys Clare has a unique style of writing and her mysteries are always complex. This one had so many twists and turns I had to back and up and reread but it was quite enjoyable. The eleventh century was still a time of great superstition and fear of  the supernatural. 

Enter Lassair, who is already a bit mysterious, a "healer" with some supernatural powers of her own. She travels on foot back and forth from Aelf Fen with a  magical shining stone that protects and warns her, a heirloom from her Icelandic grandfather.

Jack, the local lawman who works for the sheriff, and Lassair are determined to solve the grisly murders that need to investigate because of their careers. At one and the same time they are getting to be more than close friends which  could complicate their lives.

Is the Night Wanderer a deranged killer or something more? Lassair's instructor, a magician and his counterparts and she herself are in danger.

 A very fine read with accurate period detail with a big dose of mystery thrown in. Pre-Order this one now!

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