Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Ides of June - Rosemary Rowe - Another great one~ Preorder today!

4.5 Stars. A great new one by Rosemary Rowe who is a master of tales of Roman Britain and the creator of Libertus.

I really like it and it is my favorite so far of the Libertus books. Why? I so appreciate books about Roman Britian and I learned a great deal reading this about  Celtic roundhouses, language customs and everyday life at that time. The different populations that were coexisting at this time period in Rome makes it a compelling read for me.

 The very favorite part for me was the journey to hide Julia and the children; the language and cultural differences that separated the two families was a unique look at this period. Next, I think was that this period in time, between Emperors was so fraught  with dangers for Romans and Natives alike. 

Also I felt that the routines of daily life for Libertus, and his now extended family, were thoroughly enjoyable to read and think about. Equally entertaining were Julia and Marcus and their children's roles that were explored.

The Tanner and his family were another delightful excursion from the ordinary and I am so glad they were able to move up a bit in society and had their son bought back from slavery. Glimpses of the countryside as it may have been at that time were really entrancing to explore.

Recommended for those who love mysteries set in other countries and eras.

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