Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Imp of Eye- Book One- Kristen Gleeson and Moonyeen Blakey - Just terrific!

Once I got into the rhythm of this tale and how it was told, I loved it! I immediately had to learn what I could about where Eye was and who had lived there( that is what I do when I read).

Eleanor Duchess of Gloucester's fate was known to me peripherally, by reading a lot of books about the precursors to the Wars of the Roses, but not in this detail.I want to learn more about her and about Barnabas and Alys of course.

Some of the book is about the rise ( and fall) of Eleanor Cobham and her husband Humphrey the Duke of Gloucester. It touches on Henry VI and surely of that period in which tales of witches and fortunetelling were powerful and dangerous. ( Remember Jacquetta of Luxembourg . mother of Elizabeth Grey who married King Edward?) It also alternates with the hero of the book,Barnabas who reluctantly worked for Margery Jourdemayne, the "Witch of Eye" and Thomas Southwell, a canon and rector.

The alternating of narratives in chapters worked very well and had a pace that worked. Recommending this book for historical novel devotees and those who appreciate attention to period.I am off for the next in the series.

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