Monday, May 2, 2016

Murder on St.Nicholas Avenue - A Gaslight Mystery by Victoria Thompson - Bonus!!

4.5 stars I think and nicely done. Not sure that Victoria Thompson has quite decided who will be the principal players and it was hard for me, at least, to make the switch. That being stated, Maeve and Gino with the assistance of Felix and Elizabeth Decker, carried on quite well as Sarah and Malloy sail home from their European honeymoon.

The mystery was wrapped up in a just a few pages and I am not sure what is happening to the perpetrator of the murders,Eddie the boot-boy and his love object Una O'Neill. Possibly that will be revisited in another story or at least we can be apprised of what the laws would have done in that case.

This book was a bonus book in the series and came out in time for Christmas.As others have indicated, it was a very fine bonus. I am anxiously awaiting the next in the series "Murder in Morningside Heights " which may be out tomorrow? Get yours now!

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