Friday, August 1, 2014

A Great and Terrible King -Edward I ~ Marc Morris

Today Marc Morris tweeted this from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: 'There his counsellors came to him, and all the people occupying land who were of any account all over England.’  'They all submitted to him, and became his men, and swore oaths of allegiance, that they would be loyal to him against all other men'

 I realized that before I started my book blog I read Marc's book " A Great and Terrible King" as it was important to me ancestrally. My ancestor(s) the L'enfaunts of Limerick and Kildare Ireland were household Knights in the retinue of the Norman Kings.

 It was fine book and I relished it. So today I am blogging, reviwing and ordering "The Norman Conquest"  from Amazon also.

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