Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ride: A Novella by Octavia Randolph

So happy to have gotten this book on Amazon Unlimited and I enjoyed it tremendously. It was a decent length with all the additions by the author which included: a preface from Flores Historianum written before 1236, the novella itself, the historical Godiva, the legend of Godiva and the religious observances in The Ride and other very fine historical data by this excellent author.

I wish it was mine to keep, but that is not the way Amazon Unlimited is set up. I am going to reread it today, I enjoyed it so very much.
Recommended for all who enjoy reading about the Norman Conquest and the immediate periods before and afterwards.

Godiva, or Godgyfu, as the name was given in that time and her husband Leofric were pivotal in our knowledge of pre and post Conquest England


  1. Oh! This looks right up my street. Need it!
    Great little review!
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

  2. Leof Kathleen (hailing you in Old English)
    I am delighted that Godgyfu's story found such a receptive home with you. Perceptive and discerning reviews such as yours are a great pleasure to read, and I thank you sincerely. I hope you shall also look at The Circle of Ceridwen Saga, set in late 9th c England and Scandinavia; all four books have the good fortune of nestling on Amazon's Top Twenty Best Sellers in Women's Adventure.
    May we meet some day in person.
    wes thu hal (be whole and hearty)