Monday, August 11, 2014

Day of Vengeance: Dorothy Martin Investigates Murder in the Cathedral by Jeanne M.Dams

It was great to visit with Dorothy Martin and her husband Allan Nesbitt again, can it be the 15th time? Murder in the Cathedral takes us into a series of murders which starts when a candidate for bishop of their own Sherebury Cathedral is murdered in his home church.

 Dorothy is initially drawn into this event as Alan is part of a nationwide process for such ecclesiastical affairs, as well as being a retired detective. As a couple they have become well known for their investigative efforts, and this time is no different.

 What is different is that one death is collapsed on another like a deck of cards. Playing a part in this effort is their friend and neighbor Jane,her grandson Walter and his fiancĂ©. Walter is for a time in danger and being searched for by many in this complex but low keyed series of crimes.

 Sherebury is of course a made up place but is cozy and pretty and inviting, as are all of the 60 something characters that make this series so enjoyable. Recommended for mystery lovers of the cozy genre, so make sure that you preorder right now!

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