Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ceridwen of Kilton, Circle of Ceridwen - Octavia Randolph ~ Great Ones

Ceridwen of Kilton was a great sequel to the Circle of Ceridwen and I greatly enjoyed reading both.I hope that the next two in the series will be available on KindleUnlimited also so I can snatch them right up.

Pre Conquest England in the 9th century was important and pivotal,and the author shone a light on those times that seems plausible and believable, utilizing all available research.

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle says this for AD 878 "In the Easter of this year King Alfred with his little force raised a work at Athelney; from which he assailed the army, assisted by that part of Somersetshire which was nighest to it. Then the army gave him hostages with many oaths, that they would go out of his kingdom"

When I read the preface of the next volume, the invaders are puzzling. The Chronicle speaks of pirates the next year, was that them? I must try to obtain that volume.

Recommended to all lovers of Medieval and early Medieval history. 

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