Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Norman Conquest - Marc Morris ~ "A Great and Terrible Time"

An extremely readable non-fiction that read almost like a novel, it was so entertaining. Marc Morris has meticulously researched and footnoted this fine book, although as a KindleUnlimited I would have to borrow again to utilize that feature.

The Norman invasion is important to many of us to better understand where our customs comes from. My maternal grandfather's family came with the Normans to England and then into Ireland by 1250, this book shone a light on that era for me. I understand why my Irish great grandfather came to New Jersey with a British Army pension, they apparently always "sold their swords".

An excellent book, as was "A Great and Terrible King" and I recommend both of them enthusiastically. My same ancestral family worked in the retinue of all the Norman Kings and I am entranced with these works.

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