Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Book of Fires- Brother Athelstan #14 by Paul Doherty ~ Preorder Now!!

Book of Fires, aka The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan #14, was very entertaining and enjoyable. Volume #13 had a bit too much murder, did the author read me review, for this one was a lot different. The priest solves a series of interconnected mysteries, both connected with Church and society.

Having only read a few of the 14 books, I particularly this time enjoyed the homey peeks at Athelstan's household. His friends also were quite well fleshed out and endeared all of them to me. I plan to get some more to read now.

The John of Gaunt era, and his problems with the common man  or "Upright Men", apparently permeated and infiltrated the entire land and very strata of society. Brother Athelstan, as pastor of a cohesive flock, has a warm and fatherly ( or perhaps brotherly) concern for his parishioners. He is highly esteemed by many, the Coroner most of all!

Read this mystery and learn about Greek Fire and how it came to be utilized in medieval England, and why. Also "Who is the terrifying Fire Bringer – and what does he want? Was Isolda really guilty of murder?" You will love this one!

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