Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The King's Curse- Philippa Gregory~ Riveting!

A very important book about the Tudor era and one that is not usually dealt with.I could literally not read anything else until I finished this book. The King's Curse much more than held my attention, it was all encompassing regarding this particular family. 

Henry Tudor's Plantagenet relatives had been perceived by him, and his father, to be a threat to their reign due to their royal blood. Usually in a Tudor tale, one or even two victims are written about but not in this much detail. 

Margaret of York,or Margaret Pole as she was known, was the aunt of Henry VIII and first cousin to his mother. She, her children and her cousins undoubtedly were as or more royal as Henry and became, in his later years, target to his paranoia.

The question may be, did this family attempt to claim the throne and constantly conspire to wrest control of event in England? Or is the question really, with Henry VIII's increasing paranoia, why they did not in fact succeed?

Margaret Pole was executed at the age of 67 and later Beatified by the Catholic Church as having been martyred for her faith. Was it a religious issue or a family feud? It is a must read and the very best, in my opinion of the Cousins series. 

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