Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Crook and the Flail - The She King -Book Two ~ L.M Ironside

The second book in the series even better than the first one, how can that be? All I know is that I raced through it, putting other very good books aside.

Is it the Thutmosides that are so riveting or is it the author's vivid style of writing about them? Whatever it is I will grad the next one as soon as I am finished this review.

Hatshesput was awesome but no more awesome than her mother, Ahmose. Their life style choices, although contextual with the era were so modern, or is that the author's prose? Senenmut, the steward is also my hero, capable of any heroic act. His image with Nererure is enclosed in anticipation of the next book.

L.M.Ironside is an incredible storyteller and lovers of any era historical novel will adore this series. 

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