Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Dying Note- A Silver Rush Mystery #6 - Ann Parker ~ Fine Historical Mystery series ~ Get your copy ordered!

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and found it enjoyable. I had reviewed the first book Silver Lies also and really loved it. This one was good reading also but the mystery was very complex. 

Great attention had to be paid, as to who was the designated detective for which part of the complex chain of events. I am fairly sure that Inez Stannert, still co-owner of Leadville Colorado's Silver Queen saloon, was in actuality the mastermind of keeping the peace in this San Francisco neighborhood.

Other strong personalities or interested parties involved, sometimes along with Inez and sometimes flying solo were Frisco Flo ( Mrs. Sweet) a madam from Leadville and a partner in various dubious businesses with Inez. W.R. de Bruijn had multiple roles to perform in the very complex set of circumstances, one of which was to interact with Inez Stannert's ward Antonia.

I think that Antonia Gizzi herself will be investigating herself before long. It will be so interesting to see how she comes along. She was a delightful fresh character. Pre order now for the April 3rd date and spend the time reading the previous volumes.

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