Monday, January 1, 2018

The Rufus Spy - Aelf Fen #8 - Alys Clare ~ Perilous Fenland Mystery~ Pre-Order Now ~

"Apprentice healer Lassair heads on a perilous journey north in the absorbing new Aelf Fen medieval mystery."

Happily I received this ARC from NetGalley and #8 was the best of the Aelf Fen series so far. I have good expectations that there are more to come, "When I emerged once more, perhaps the world would be a happier place. It right even be all right again." Pretty sure Lassair will return- to Jack? I am not sure of that.

I find the fens intriguing and this trip by Lassair and Rollo, that seemed to skirt them, was even more perilous to read about. Usually there is a threat of the fenlands taking lives but this time? Well..

The plot was suitably complicated, although I figured it out a few pages ahead of time. Very well done.

Lassair has always been very well developed as a character, Rollo has his ups and downs but he ended well here ( read it and see). Jack has definitely evolved but will he return? Also I am wondering how the relationship will develop between Lassair's father and his newly discovered father? 

Here is hoping that Aelf Fen book 9 is in the works. Preorder your copy now ! 

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