Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Murder In Chinatown - Victoria Thompson - Book 9 - A Good Read!!

 While I was looking for the new Victoria Thompson from my digital library I found 3 books I never read yet.. This one was really great! So glad I found it and got it free and did not read everyones reviews about stereotypes, which perhaps were somewhat for period authenticity. However I give it 4.5 stars because of some of that.

In this book, Frank and Sarah's relationship is starting to develop and their families and cohorts are beginning to come together around them- somewhat anyway. 

So Chinatown- and mixed marriages- play into this mystery. Being mostly Irish I felt that the O'Neal family were typecast and their names - Quinn? Keeley?- would never have never gotten past any priest who had baptized them. Their living situation was pretty dire too, although I know people doubled and tripled up in city apartment as they came into the US.

The mystery was good and I did like the introduction of this particular type of assimilation ( mixed marriage), especially with my graduate degree in Anthropology. Yes, I liked it and will recommend it to others who like period mysteries. 

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